I Finally Have a VPS

After a little less than a year of waiting, I finally obtained a VPS from Frantech/BuyVM. I was told that they are an exceptional VPS provider, and it turns out to be true. Their pricing is extremely fair as I can get double what Vultr offers for the same exact price (plus unlimited bandwidth). Their support was also pretty fast so I was able to setup everything relatively quickly. My only complaint is that the number of servers is limited so it might take a while to actually get one. Despite Frantech obviously being better, Vultr is still a solid choice for a VPS and they make it very easy to setup one.

I am now hosting my web page from my VPS instead of Sourcehut and I am hosting my email instead of using Disroot. Keep in mind that these services (Sourcehut and Disroot1) are great services and I would 100% recommend them, however I believe that hosting everything yourself is better.

That being said, I do have unlimited bandwidth and about 19GB of storage space that I still have yet to use. If any of you guys have ideas for what I should do (hosting internet radio, SearX instance, Mastodon instance, forum, etc.) you can let me know by email.

If you would like a VPS for yourself, you can use the links above to get one from Frantech, if they’re available. If not, Vultr is always a solid option for a VPS (although you do get less). Or you can use my referral links to get a VPS below. It’s a nice and indirect way to support me.

  1. Disroot provides services like cloud storage, XMPP chat, paste bin, Git, and more. They’re an amazing replacement for the Google suite. ↩︎