Website Redesign

I have decided to redesign most of my website. It’s mostly a facelift, but there are a couple under-the-hood changes done.

I have also decided to officially add a link to my YouTube channel on my homepage, as well as add a link to my Sourcehut page and my rss feed.

I plan to reorganize my website as time goes on, but for now a simple redesign will do. I also plan to at least convert my homepage to xhtml in the future, as I think that I would provide a bit more compatibility with web browsers.

As time goes on I will make changes to my website as needed.

A note about GitHub and GitLab

If you don’t know already, I am not a big fan of GitHub. I don’t like having a GitHub account, but it’s almost necessary for collaborating on projects. I have updated my GitHub account for hosting my git repos. Don’t expect me to answer issues or accept code from these platforms (for now (although that might change)), for that please visit my Sourcehut page.