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Other Projects


This is a project that I worked on a little while ago. It's basically just a calculator that I decided to make. I never really finished this project due to the realization that mass producing this would be very difficult and if I was not going to mass produce it, what's the point. I think it's a somewhat clever design for what it is. If you want to mess around with the schematics and code, or you just want to make it for yourself, all files related to this project are in a .tar file that you can download below. I don't see much use for it since I never really finished it, but you can mess around with it if you want to.

Download .tar file here

COMM-101 Final Project

This is my final project as well as my final essay for my COMM-101 class. This paper is about why computer users should use free software. If you want to give the paper or project a look you can click the link(s) below.

View final essay here
View final project here